Expand Your View On Global Entrepreneurship at Zhejiang University

At Zhejiang University‘s School of Management in Hangzhou, China, you will examine the entrepreneurial process as it ventures outside of the Western world. You will analyze opportunities and challenges in Asian countries and discover what international companies face in this region due to the cultural differences that reign in a global market.
You will learn to master the systematic and logical methods of analyzing business decisions that focus on the economic forces that shape both day-to-day and long-term decisions within a multi-cultural organization.


Focus on Family Business and Harvesting a Company
This second part of the program allows you to concentrate particularly on the aspects of family business. You will gain an understanding of and respect for family business continuity along with the challenges and advantages that those managing the organization and its personnel face on a daily basis. You will visualize the key aspects of what makes a family business different and how it emerges and evolves in the world economy.
Family businesses account for over eighty percent of all private business holdings in China, and now is the critical moment for many of these enterprise owners to pass them on to the next generation. In the Zhejiang Province, the family business category also takes the lion’s share – overninety percent, says Chen Ling, vice president of the School of Management, Zhejiang University. Chen adds that some private enterprises are unwilling to admit they are family owned and operated, presumably because of the nature of public opinion about this type of company.
Zhu Jian’an, vice president of the Family Enterprise Research Institute, has analyzed the phenomenon in the Zhejiang Province. He reflects that, “Family culture is a love knot for Chinese. Especially in Zhejiang, many businessmen have started their business from virtually nothing, so they had to call on all their connections to succeed. It is common to see family playing a key role in a private enterprise.

Another fundamental chapter during your time at Zhejiang focuses on how firms strategically implement and manage their innovation strategies to maximize their likelihood of success. You’ll learn about the methods that companies use to create, commercialize, capture and protect the values of their industrial innovations amongst both international and local markets.


Idea Accelerator: Business Project in Asia

As in France and in the United-States, business projects play a key role in the Global Entrepreneurship Program’s teaching methodology while studying at Zhejiang University. Your project shows you how to implement course content in a real-life company and participate in their day-to-day actions.

The business projects during your time in China permit you to learn intercultural skills, navigate the Asian business and cultural environments and gain practical experience from learning and working in an international setting, all while building your professional and personal global network within this very important region of the world.

In China, instead of building interesting strategies in the classroom, we went to events and talked with the main stakeholders in order to develop a better feeling of the project we were dealing with and a better understanding of the market. It was a really interesting challenge to try to get in touch and connect with the local community.

 Tomas Paulauskas – Lithuania – Global Entrepreneurship Program graduate and Entrepreneur

About Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University was founded as one of the earliest institutions of modern higher education, and dates back to the formation of Qiushi Academy in 1897. After over one century of exploration and development, Zhejiang University has become one of China’s top national universities with its solid research foundation, substantial technical strength and distinctive features. With many research centers and institutes including Zhejiang University’s Institute of Family Business, this international institution is an ideal setting to study family business and analyze new venture opportunities.