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Start-up rates are surging, with over 20 million non-employer businesses operating globally, with more starting every day (KIEA, 2013). Companies such as Uber, the taxi app that is now the world’s most valuable start-up and Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accommodation service now valued at $10bn are not just competing in their respective industries, they are completely changing the rules of the game. So when the prize to be claimed is so sweet, why get your entrepreneurial education from EMLYON?

1.       EMLYON creates true entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of all teaching at EMLYON. Its distinctive quality is founded on teaching innovation and an entrepreneurial approach to management education.

Madhav Padia, GEP graduate in 2013 has developed his family business in India trading in specialised diamond tools. As a result of the Global Entrpreneurship Program, he adapted the business strategy to successfully focus on niche markets. Madhav also liaised with international suppliers, something he found easier having studied in 3 different continents and learning about cultural differences during the program.

The Global Entrepreneurship Program develops your entrepreneurial mindset over three continents, as well as giving you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real business issue with company projects.

2.       Assisting you to launch your business venture

EMLYON is well placed to support innovative projects with its wide-ranging entrepreneurship activities and partnerships. The EMLYON Incubator supports projects by EMLYON and Centrale Lyon students as well as innovative ventures from the region. Since its foundation in 2008, it has launched over 950 start-up companies and directly created 11,000 jobs. Similarly, the World Entrepreneurship Forum, created in 2008 by EMLYON and its partners is an authoritative worldwide think tank joining NGO leaders, experts and political leaders every year to discuss entrepreneurship as a creator of wealth and social justice.

3.       Continue to support your journey with a strong entrepreneurial network

Not only do you gain the support of EMLYON Forever with its 25,000 alumni in 107 countries, but you have access to the international networks of both Zhejiang University in Asia and Purdue University  in the USA through the Global Entrepreneurship Program.

Many graduates who have launched new ventures have been able to develop their business and solve their start-up challenges thanks to the alumni network. For example, Morgane Hillen and Tifenn Acher, graduates of the GEP program created Achhill’s Gluten Free, a wholesale company specialising in gluten and lactose free products. When launching their start-up, they encountered a problem with packaging their new products. Having spoken to a former classmate, he suggested they outsource their packaging to India, which has worked extremely well for their business. They said:

When we were studying in GEP, we didn’t realise how much this program would help us in our new career…It’s a real family and it’s a real place to find a business partner. We still communicate quite a lot with our friends from the GEP program.” Watch the full interview here

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