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From startup to grown up: VCs can help grow your business

From startup to grown up: VCs can help grow your business

The definition of what constitutes a startup can change according to every person you ask. Some people cite the dictionary’s simple “a fledgling business”, others claim that the term refers to a new business (particularly tech) with the potential for rapid growth. It’s also been said that “Startup is a state of mind” and involves

Taking your startup global: how the Global Entrepreneurship Program prepares you

Launching a business globally is often the end goal for many entrepreneurs, but it can be a tricky transition if startups aren’t well prepared. While launching (or wanting to launch) a start-up is not requirement to be part of the Global Entrepreneurship Program (other career opportunities can include taking over a family business or pursuing

Global Entrepreneurship Program: Discover the Success Story of program graduate Tomas Froes

Discover the success story of Thomas Froes, who launch his startup kencko. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I studied Marketing Management at ISCEM, as an undergraduate in Portugal. Then I started working for Siemens, and pursued an MSc in Management at ISCTE Business School at the same time.. Can you tell us