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Starting classes at Pace University in New York City!

Starting classes at Pace University in New York City!

Starting classes at Pace University in New York City! After attending their first and second semester respectively in France and China, students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program are now in the United States where they recently started their last semester of classes over at Pace University, located downtown Manhattan in New York City! To kick-start

Innovation and the growing ecosystem of social entrepreneurship

As we’ve noted before, a recent boom in social entrepreneurship is taking place around the world. The reason? Alain Fayolle, professor of Entrepreneurship at emlyon business school, explains “the current financial crisis and its global consequences have increased the need to position social questions at the heart of the global economy.” Sanjeev Rao, expert at

Young female entrepreneurs: on the rise around the world

As Gayle Tzemach Lemmon points out in her Tedx talk ‘women entrepreneurs: example not exception’, the idea of entrepreneurship is often automatically correlated with men. However, this traditional view underestimates the current state of affairs, as young female entrepreneurs are on the rise across the world. According to the European Commission, around 30% of all

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Social Entrepreneurship on the rise

According to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s (GEM) Social Entrepreneurship Report released at the end of May 2016, social entrepreneurship is on the rise in both developed and developing nations, with many entrepreneurs proving that business can be a path to social good as well as profit. Often considered as a difficult term to define,