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Meet Frederic : student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program

Meet Frederic : student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program

Frederic did a Masters degree in accounting and audit before joining the Global Entrepreneurship Program What has been your favorite course in the Global Entrepreneurship Program so far and why? My favorite course has been ‘New Venture Creation’. It has been a very practical class with an emphasis on the necessary tools you need to


Could you be a future intrapreneur for the likes of Google, Apple or Facebook?

See yourself driving new business innovation, launching your company into new global markets and leading change? Then you might be an intrapreneur in the making! What is an intrapreneur? An intrapreneur is an innovator that operates within an existing organisation, rather than directly creating their own company. The term “intrapreneur” was first coined by management

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Expats in Lyon: groups, events & services to help you settle into the city

Joining the Global Entrepreneurship Program this September? New to Lyon, France? We’re here to help! There are a wide range of groups, services and events including social and professional groups, language classes, events and companies that help expats in Lyon to settle into the city – check them out below! Services to support expats in

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Consult Startup Projects in China with the Global Entrepreneurship Program

As the business of the world moves from the West to the East, future global entrepreneurs will undoubtedly deal with Asian-based companies, either as suppliers or competitors, as well as sell their products and services to Chinese consumers. Learning how to master the dynamics of this region is therefore essential to your future success as

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5 reasons to invest in entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. According to Bloomberg, a whopping 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Reasons include not being in touch with the consumer, lacking a unique value proposition or failing to communicate this effectively, founder dysfunction and failing to create a profitable business model, according to serial

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Entrepreneurship program grad: “I’m well equipped to dream big and make it happen”

After studying in the US for four years, Abhinandan De was interested in a global entrepreneurship program across three continents, giving him the opportunity to travel and build a global network. Having graduated from the Global Entrepreneurship Program in 2013, Abhinandan returned to India to develop his family business running educational institutions, with the program

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Startup Projects at EMLYON Business School: a student’s experience

Chuanmu Wang, cohort of the Global Entrepreneurship Program class of 2014/2015 shares his experience of the “European Business Project” he completed as part of the first semester of the program at EMLYON Business School in France. Students were required to complete startup projects in small teams with their classmates, to experience first-hand the process, challenges

Giuseppe: “when you work in a highly creative team, it’s easy to start dreaming big”

Meet Giuseppe Muto, current cohort of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. Originally from Italy, Giuseppe joined the Global Entrepreneurship Program in September 2014, where he spent the first semester studying entrepreneurship at EMLYON Business School in France with his cohort. In each continent, students are required to complete a Business Project either developing their own entrepreneurial project,