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Discover Nathan’s entrepreneurial business projects

Discover Nathan’s entrepreneurial business projects

Throughout the program, students work on entrepreneurial business projects for sponsor companies. This is a great way for them to develop skills that are essential to their future success as global entrepreneurs and build their professional network in France, China and the United-States. Discover which entrepreneurial business projects Nathan M. worked on during the program

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Startup Projects at EMLYON Business School: a student’s experience

Chuanmu Wang, cohort of the Global Entrepreneurship Program class of 2014/2015 shares his experience of the “European Business Project” he completed as part of the first semester of the program at EMLYON Business School in France. Students were required to complete startup projects in small teams with their classmates, to experience first-hand the process, challenges

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Entrepreneurship program students develop “Big Brothers” social entrepreneurship project

Meet Charles, Nathan, Darren, Daniel and Sidy, five members of the Global Entrepreneurship Program class of 2014/2015 that are currently embarking on an inspirational social entrepreneurship project – the Foreign Big Brothers. The heart of the project in their words is: “5 guys coming from 5 different countries around the world gathering together for one

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Work on Dynamic Startup Projects in France, China and the US

The Global Entrepreneurship Program sets itself apart from others of its kind through its focus on ‘Action Learning.’ Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a very practical approach to learning, students of the program are tasked with completing Startup Projects in each of the 3 continents of the program – Europe, Asia and North America. The aim