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China boosts Entrepreneurship and Innovation

China boosts Entrepreneurship and Innovation

It is a good time to be in business in China as the country is booting entrepreneurship and innovation! The government has been rolling out some business system reforms, which are rapidly boosting growth in business and creating fresh jobs. A senior official recently revealed that in 2013 6,900 new businesses were created each day, compared

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Interview with Entrepreneurship Director at Zhejiang, one of the top Universities in China

Students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program spend their second semester studying entrepreneurship at Zhejiang University School of Management in China, one of the top Universities in China. Mark Greeven, Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Program on behalf of Zhejiang University is an expert in entrepreneurship in China, having researched the topic for the past 11

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Hangzhou; the beating heart of entrepreneurship in China

The Zhejiang Province has a long tradition of entrepreneurship in China. In recent years its capital; the city of Hangzhou has established itself as a hotbed for e-commerce and entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on innovation and new technology. As the country’s richest province with an annual real growth of 8% and the highest disposable

entrepreneurship in China

Entrepreneurship in China – where 1 in 4 adults are entrepreneurs

Once known mainly for cheap labor and manufacturing, since former Chinese President Hu Jintao’s announcement in 2006 that China would be a world leading producer of high-tech goods, the country has developed its capabilities in innovation through a series of regulations favouring entrepreneurship in China. The private sector grew more than 30% per year between