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5 reasons to invest in entrepreneurship education

5 reasons to invest in entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. According to Bloomberg, a whopping 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Reasons include not being in touch with the consumer, lacking a unique value proposition or failing to communicate this effectively, founder dysfunction and failing to create a profitable business model, according to serial

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Startup Projects at EMLYON Business School: a student’s experience

Chuanmu Wang, cohort of the Global Entrepreneurship Program class of 2014/2015 shares his experience of the “European Business Project” he completed as part of the first semester of the program at EMLYON Business School in France. Students were required to complete startup projects in small teams with their classmates, to experience first-hand the process, challenges

Giuseppe: “when you work in a highly creative team, it’s easy to start dreaming big”

Meet Giuseppe Muto, current cohort of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. Originally from Italy, Giuseppe joined the Global Entrepreneurship Program in September 2014, where he spent the first semester studying entrepreneurship at EMLYON Business School in France with his cohort. In each continent, students are required to complete a Business Project either developing their own entrepreneurial project,

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Work on Dynamic Startup Projects in France, China and the US

The Global Entrepreneurship Program sets itself apart from others of its kind through its focus on ‘Action Learning.’ Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a very practical approach to learning, students of the program are tasked with completing Startup Projects in each of the 3 continents of the program – Europe, Asia and North America. The aim

Lyon hub for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in France: Lyon, a hub for entrepreneurs

Students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program spend their first semester studying entrepreneurship in France, before travelling to China and the US. With a reputation as the centre of entrepreneurship in France and ranked no.8 in the world for innovation,  what makes Lyon so entrepreneurial? As France’s third largest city, Lyon is best known for its

Discover the EMLYON Incubator!

  EMLYON Incubator Check out this great video introducing the work of the EMLYON Incubator from its creation in 1984 to today. The EMLYON Incubator has launched or taken over 950 companies with an 85% 5 year survival rate and created 11,000 direct jobs. The objective of the EMLYON Incubator is “to broadcast the spirit

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What EMLYON can teach budding entrepreneurs

Start-up rates are surging, with over 20 million non-employer businesses operating globally, with more starting every day (KIEA, 2013). Companies such as Uber, the taxi app that is now the world’s most valuable start-up and Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accommodation service now valued at $10bn are not just competing in their respective industries, they are completely