Success Story: Shweta Pahuja working for a health beverage start-up in Mumbai

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Discover Global Entrepreneurship Program graduate Shweta Pahuja’s Success Story – working for both her family business in Mumbai and a health beverage start-up company!

Success Story: Shweta Pahuja

success storyHaving been brought up in a family business environment, I always aspired to start something of my own. To shape my aspirations, I started working with a start-up company after my bachelor’s degree. I joined the Global Entrepreneurship Program for the academic year 2012-2013.

On my return, I joined my family business which focuses on jewelry manufacturing. The company is currently in its early stages of development and I know my recently acquired knowledge will add value to the business. I got an additional job opportunity at a health beverage start-up introducing the concept of cold pressed juices, which is the first of its kind in India. I realized I was very interested in this industry and ended up taking the lead in the company. I now work part time for my family business and full-time for the other company.

Thanks to the constant interactions with people from all over the world, the Global Entrepreneurship Program helped me become more confident and better understand people.


The business projects and meetings with entrepreneurs showed us their lifestyle and challenges. This made me aware of the surroundings I would face in the future. Experiencing different faculties also allowed me to discover new horizons about the start-up world.

What keeps me motivated to work [in this environment] are the constant involvement and activity combined with the interactions with numerous people. There is scope to expand your knowledge and take on different responsibilities. Every day there are new additions to the company in terms of structuring, marketing, HR, events and so on.

Being able to see all the departments grow simultaneously is something you can only experience when building or working in start-ups. Having learnt all this, I believe I can now contribute to existing firms.


I am positive that with my learning and professional experiences, I will help my family business grow tremendously in the future. In a few years I wish to have my own business related to the fields of health and food.

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