Success story: current students build new venture called TASKO

Eric and Harshit are two current students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program who have recently launched their own new venture called “Tasko”, a company which outsources computer-based tasks convenient and cost-effective for people who want to utilize time more efficiently.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself (academic background, area of study, where you’re from etc.)

Eric: I hold a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. After graduating in summer 2013, I worked for two NGOs in Switzerland and Guatemala, completing the one-year Swiss civil service. In Europe, I interned at two management consulting firms in Frankfurt and Zurich, where I was involved in digital transformation projects. At the same time I started to look into different Collaborative Economy venture ideas.

Harshit: I completed my Bachelor in Engineering in 2012 from Amravati University in India. After that I started my own venture, a photo-sharing web portal, in 2013. I worked as Team-leader from 2014 to 2015 in a software development company in Mumbai, India. I have a combined work experience of 3 years in programming and web development.

Can you tell us more about your new venture ? How and when did you launch Tasko?

Tasko makes outsourcing of computer-based tasks convenient and cost-effective for people who want to utilize time more efficiently. Market research, academic research, job/internship search, travel planning, administrative work etc. are some of our offerings. To see all of our offerings please visit

We started working on Tasko in February 2016 from our university dorm in Hangzhou, China. After five weeks we launched our first prototype website and hired a team of five freelancers to work on tasks. We started testing our services on April 10th and successfully delivered 119 tasks since then. On June 10th, 2016 we launched the beta version of Tasko. Till date, 54 users have signed up on our platform.

You can give Tasko any task on just in a few clicks. We make sure to get your task done as soon as possible. We offer our service at $5/hour. We do so by collaborating with the most talented freelancers from emerging markets. Furthermore, we do a thorough quality check of each task before we deliver it to you.

Please don’t hesitate to submit your own task on, we’ll be happy to serve you!

Meet Tasko through this video interview: 

How did the Global Entrepreneurship Program help you develop your entrepreneurial skills and new venture?

Eric: It definitely helped me to better understand and identify entrepreneurial opportunities. Being exposed to the topic of entrepreneurship every single day had an impact on my perception and thinking. Moreover, the program trains its students in many different aspects that are relevant for entrepreneurial success (e.g. effective market exploration and testing, how to be innovative, pitching, business plan writing, financial forecasts etc.).
Apart from that I learnt the most while working on and testing out my own business ideas. Here the program adds value by giving its students time to work on their own business ideas and supporting them with mentorship and regular feedback.

Harshit: When I was looking for an entrepreneurship program, I searched intensively for over 3 months to find the right fit for me. I expected 3 things from the program:

  1. To learn basics of starting and running a business
  2. To build an international network
  3. To find a mentor for my next big new venture

But, I was lucky enough to find much more than I expected from the Global Entrepreneurship Program. As experienced in my first new venture, I knew the importance of having a good co-founder. I met Eric in this program and in the initial few months we got to know each other better. We eventually found out that working with each other was much more fun as we shared a common interest and vision for our entrepreneurial ideas.

What advice would you give to the future students of the Global Entrepreneurship program?

Eric: The beauty of this one-year program lies in its multicultural aspect – both in terms of the locations you study in and the diversity of people you meet. It gives you the possibility to gain very different perspectives on the topic of entrepreneurship and it will open many doors for intercultural collaborations, potentially bridging different markets with innovative ideas.
My only advice is: make the most out of it!

Harshit: To the future Global Entrepreneurship program students – “You’ll learn much more from your classmates so respect them and have an open mind and heart to accept their criticism.” A general advice – “Believe in yourself, you are much more than what you think!”



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