Become an entrepreneurial leader: study at three world-class schools of entrepreneurship

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Considering different schools of entrepreneurship to complete your masters in entrepreneurship? Why not study at three?

As a student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, a dedicated one-year entrepreneurship degree taught across 3 continents, you will study at three leading schools of entrepreneurship: EMLYON Business School in France, Zhejiang University in China and Pace University in the US. The advantage of this unique study experience is to benefit from the world’s best entrepreneurial teaching in three diverse global markets, giving you a truly global entrepreneurial mindset. You will have access to the leading teaching faculty, alumni, entrepreneurship events, incubators and research centres of three institutions to support you with your entrepreneurship ventures.

So how are these schools of entrepreneurship leaders in this exciting field, and what will you learn from them?

EMLYON: one of the most highly regarded schools of entrepreneurship in Europe

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EMLYON Business School located near Lyon, France has a 140 year heritage as one of the longest established, triple accredited business schools in Europe. Since its creation, the school has been driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and humanism. EMLYON’s mission is “to educate entrepreneurs for the world”, with the school firmly believing that anyone can learn how to become an entrepreneur, as well as apply what they have learnt to the business world. This spirit of innovation and desire to create among students and faculty is evident throughout the teaching methods, entrepreneurship events, active student associations and more. For example, every student of the school is required to take the New Venture Creation module in their first semester, regardless of whether they want to be an entrepreneur or not, to demonstrate the true importance of knowing how to innovate and lead change; a key skill for everyone throughout their future career.

As a student of the entrepreneurship program, taking place at EMLYON Business School of entrepreneurship in the first semester, you will be taught by both expert professors in entrepreneurship and existing entrepreneurs. You will also be tasked with developing your own startup project with the European Business Project, supported by the EMLYON Incubator, the largest and oldest business incubator in France. Since its foundation in 2008, it has launched over 950 startup companies and directly created 11,000 jobs. You will have privileged access to entrepreneurial experts within the Incubator, helping you to develop and improve your new venture in order to present an ‘investment ready’ business plan at the end of the semester. The European Business Project allows you to learn the process of launching a new business in a risk-free environment, an invaluable opportunity for your future entrepreneurship career.

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And learning to become an entrepreneur doesn’t just come from within the program. EMLYON regularly hosts a wide range of entrepreneurship events, allowing you to discuss and learn from experienced entrepreneurs in different fields, industries and from different countries and cultures; an important global resource for your future entrepreneurial ventures. For example, last year’s cohort of the Global Entrepreneurship Program attended the annual World Entrepreneurship Forum one of the world’s most authoritative think tanks in entrepreneurship, meeting leading social entrepreneurs from around the world. Watch last year’s Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort interview at WEF 2014 here.

Zhejiang University: one of the most famous schools of entrepreneurship in China

schools of entrepreneurship

Zhejiang University, one of the oldest institutions of university education in China, located in the Hangzhou province is a member of the C9 league of Elite Universities (equivalent of the US Ivy League) and is ranked among the top 5 providers of university education in China and the top 100 in the world. The University’s School of Management is known as one of the best schools of entrepreneurship for research and business education, having the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in China. Zhejiang University’s Science & Technology Park, the school-sponsored business incubator has provided hundreds of students and affiliates with business training, cooperation opportunities and affordable working spaces.

So why study entrepreneurship in China? According to Professor Mark Greeven, Program Director on behalf of Zhejiang University argues that China is one of the top 3 places for entrepreneurship globally right now: “China is becoming one of the biggest, strongest powers in the world and entrepreneurs have significantly contributed to that. 70-80% of the state’s private sector GDP comes from entrepreneurs. It’s therefore really important for our students to have an understanding of this world region not only because it is one of the largest markets worldwide but also because they will be their future business partners, clients and competitors in Europe and the US.”

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Students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program spend their second semester studying at Zhejiang University, examining the entrepreneurship process outside of the Western world, as well as focus their learning on Family Business, a dominant business structure in this world region. Students also complete an In-Company Business Project for a Chinese organisation; an ideal opportunity to experience first-hand the opportunities and challenges that international companies face when operating in China. It also gives you a good understanding of the cultural implications of doing business in China; a key success factor in this booming region.

Pace University – Lubin School of Business

Lubin School of Business

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the Lubin School of Business’ curriculum. On the academic side, Lubin has placed entrepreneurial studies at both an undergraduate and graduate level with BBA and MBA programs specialized in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Pace University prides itself with various institutions dedicated to entrepreneurship including:

– The Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab
– A Small Business Development Center
– The Helene & Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship
– The Center for Student Enterprise

As Pace University believes that opportunity comes with entrepreneurship, the institution hosts a multitude of entrepreneurship-focused events every year such as the Pace Pitch Contest, rewarding students who can deliver the best pitch in under three minutes, the Pace Business Plan Competition, and  the Pace Mobile App Design Contest.

Many Pace University alumni are from entrepreneurial families and many faculty members are practitioners and scholars who are or have been entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing and communications, fundraising, tax consulting, financial advising, etc.  Among others, Pace University’s faculty includes businessmen who have held such positions as the principal financial officer at Citibank, the CEO of Viacom Entertainment, and the President of Griffin Bacal.


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Students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program spend their third semester studying at Pace University. During their time at the Lubin School of Business of Pace University they will focus on how to shape the future of companies by building on the fundamentals acquired in France and in China and learning how to expand on the wide range of necessary entrepreneurial skills to develop your business. Shaping the future of a company may include developing your business in a different market, creating funding strategies for your company, scaling up a company, launching a new branch, etc. While at Lubin, they will take entrepreneurship and business courses from an extensive list which includes Venture Initiation and Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Managing Innovation and Technology, Legal Environment of Business, US Business Law / International Business, etc.

Study at 3 of the world’s best schools of entrepreneurship: discover the Global Entrepreneurship Program



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