Work on Dynamic Startup Projects in France, China and the US

startup projects

The Global Entrepreneurship Program sets itself apart from others of its kind through its focus on ‘Action Learning.’ Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a very practical approach to learning, students of the program are tasked with completing Startup Projects in each of the 3 continents of the program – Europe, Asia and North America. The aim of the Startup Projects is to gain first-hand experience of turning an idea into a tangible project in a short space of time, improve your intercultural skills by working with a team from all around the world, as well as understand more about the business culture of the country you are working in.

Develop your own Startup Projects at EMLYON

Create your own startup during the first semester at EMLYON Business School in France. During your “European Business Project” you will be supported by the EMLYON Incubator – the largest and oldest business incubator in France, where you will work on your project in a real-life startup environment, as well as have access to entrepreneurial experts to get critical advice.

startup projects

During the European Business Project module, you will learn how to navigate different aspects of building a new venture during theoretical courses as well as have time to work on your own startup projects at the EMLYON Incubator. You will also attend weekly workshops to build on and improve your original concept, in order to present an “investment ready” business plan at the end of the semester. You will also have the opportunity to arrange individual appointments with professors to nourish your career ambitions.

11 different Startup Projects, from apps to non-profits

The Global Entrepreneurship Program class of 2014/2015 developed 11 different startup projects varying from smartphone apps, social entrepreneurship projects, service providers, restaurants chains and more. Hear Darren, Chuanmu and Yongfen from the current Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort talk about their European Business Projects:

startup projectsBIG BROTHERS: Darren O Connell who was part of the Big Brothers team explained the project: “Our goal was to create a TV show which highlighted the gap in education between rural areas and big cities in developing countries such as China. We wanted to film our journey to rural areas, where we would transform rural schools to become a more supportive environment for children to learn and grow.  The project was a great learning experience to work with an experienced team from 5 different countries and cultures. EMLYON provided us access to alumni, lots of support from the EMLYON Incubator and EMLYON staff helped us to develop our idea.”

startup projectsNEVER EAT ALONE: Chuanmu Wang, part of the Never Eat Alone project explains the team’s concept: “Never Eat Alone is an iOS application designed to help professionals to expand and maintain their network by sharing a meal with strangers. Professionals don’t have much time to socialize with people during the working day, so we wanted to create a platform for them and help them to socialize during a coffee break or lunchtime. Every 2-3 weeks we had to pitch the project to our mentor and guest speakers at the EMLYON Incubator also gave us a lot of useful suggestions.

startup projectsHU GONG: Hu Gong is a professional platform to connect people searching for domestic services such as cleaning, care for the elderly etc with service providers in the local area. Yongfen Li who was part of the Hu Gong team said of the concept: “It is very difficult to find these services to help our families, so we thought that there was a real requirement. The Professors (at EMLYON Business School) gave us so much help and many suggestions.”

guiseppe muto-croppedFOOD FOR THOUGHT: Food for Thought is a healthy fast-food restaurant project. Guiseppe Muto, who was part of the Food for Thought team says teamwork was the biggest learning of the experience: “Having an entrepreneurial team sharing the same vision is the most valuable resource you can have. When you work in a highly creative team it is easy to start dreaming big. What I learned is yes, a long-term vision is important, but starting small and diving in the market as early as possible is what helps you to shape your ideas the best.”

Global Entrepreneurship Program students meet entrepreneurs and build their network at WEF 2014!

As part of the European Business Project module, students had the privilege of attending the 7th annual edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF), a leading worldwide event in entrepreneurship which took place at EMLYON Business School in October 2014, bringing together over 250 entrepreneurs, NGOs, investors, politicians, company founders, executives and journalists.  The Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort attended the entrepreneurship conferences, and were set the challenge to talk to as many of the speakers and delegates as possible in order to develop their networking ability and gain valuable insights in a range of different aspects affecting entrepreneurs.

Nathan Murphy, current student representative shares what he took from the forum:

The WEF was relevant for the Global Entrepreneurship Program for two main reasons. The first is being able to speak with and relate to many successful entrepreneurs in the fields which we are currently engaged or planning to engage in. The second major development, intangible yet just as important, is the development of our thought processes and perspectives on how we view entrepreneurship and our chosen fields.”

Vanessa, Nathan and Clara of the Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort share their experience of the WEF 2014 – watch their videos!



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