Consult Startup Projects in China with the Global Entrepreneurship Program

startup projects in China

As the business of the world moves from the West to the East, future global entrepreneurs will undoubtedly deal with Asian-based companies, either as suppliers or competitors, as well as sell their products and services to Chinese consumers. Learning how to master the dynamics of this region is therefore essential to your future success as an entrepreneur.

This is why students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program spend their second semester studying at Zhejiang University, one of the most prestigious Universities in China with a global reputation for entrepreneurship, as well as work on semester-long startup projects in China to apply their knowledge to real-world business issues.

Consult a Startup Project in China!

During your semester at Zhejiang University, you will be tasked with a specific business project to develop an existing Chinese start-up, allowing you to put your newly acquired entrepreneurship knowledge into practice. These Startup Projects are designed to give you first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face when doing business in China, as well as the cultural, environment, political and economic factors impacting the success of a start-up. In addition, by working in a multi-cultural team, you will develop your cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication skills; imperative skills for a global entrepreneur.

8 Startup Projects in China, from mobile e-commerce, healthcare to coffee

Typical Startup Projects in China deal with questions such as market research, business development and strategic change, both for the domestic Chinese market as well as global markets. For the current Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort, Chinese Business Projects featured 8 exciting projects consulting a range of different organizations, from IT, mobile e-commerce, coffee shops and health-care providers. Chinese Business Projects for 2015 included:

  • VivaLnk (Flexible Electronics) = Product usability testing of a wireless wearable thermometer
  • Mengguo Network (Mobile E-Commerce) = Offline and online methods of branding
  • Jane Stone Jewelry (Fashion Jewelry) = Global online marketing plan
  • Datenna (Information Service) = Business plan for information service
  • Shenggao Arts & Crafts (Manufacturing & Trading) = Market analysis of a crowdsourcing platform for crafts industries
  • Liangfang Health (Health Care) = Market research on a weight losing plan based on Chinese medicine
  • Joyman (Entertainment & Training) = Market plan for African drum training and performance
  • Conner Coffee (Coffee) = Market plan for Conner Coffee

What students said about their Startup Projects in China

tomas“In China we went to events and talked with the main stakeholders in order to develop a better feeling of the project we were dealing with and a better understanding of the market. It was a really interesting challenge to try to get in touch and connect with the local community.” – Tomas Paulauskas, Program Graduate from Lithuania and Business Development Manager at Absolventa (Berlin, Germany)


sandra“I worked for a small company that had developed a platform in mobile marketing. They wanted to find out what sectors made more sense for them to develop their mobile marketing projects. We did a lot of research and interviews with potential clients. We really got to react and interact in a business environment.”  Sandra Eckert, Program Graduate, Event Manager at BK Sportpromotion (Zurich, Switzerland)

About Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University, one of the oldest institutions of university education in China. The University is a member of the C9 league of Elite Universities (the equivalent of the US Ivy League) and is ranked among the top 5 providers of university education in China and within the top 100 in the world. The University has a reputation in China for a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with statistics showing that Zhejiang University has the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in China. Zhejiang University’s Science & Technology Park, the school-sponsored business incubator has provided hundreds of students and affiliates with business training, cooperation opportunities and affordable working spaces.

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Entrepreneurship experts from Zhejiang University representing the Global Entrepreneurship Program will be on hand to support you as you work with your client to research and make key recommendations to develop their business. Plus, there are many opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial skills outside of the classroom. For example, students visit local Chinese startups, interact with guest speakers and Zhejiang University alumni. Plus, students can attend entrepreneurship events during their time in China, such as the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum, Startup Weekend and the Startup Improv event in collaboration with Chinaccelerator, in which Professor Mark Greeven, Program Director on behalf of Zhejiang University is a startup mentor.

Work on exciting startup projects in France, China and the US

Aspiring entrepreneurs of the Global Entrepreneurship Program take a highly practical approach to learning, in order to prepare them for the future challenges they will face as entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship program therefore features Startup Projects across three continents, in France, China and the US. At EMLYON Business School, students are tasked with developing their own startup project, to understand the process of turning an idea into a tangible project in a short space of time and develop their team-working capabilities. At Zhejiang University, students consult an existing Chinese start-up organisation to solve a business problem or recommend strategic change, whilst navigating cultural challenges. Finally in the third semester at Pace University in the US, entrepreneurship studies are focused on company growth, so start-up projects are oriented towards existing companies wishing to grow and expand their business.




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