Entrepreneurship program students develop “Big Brothers” social entrepreneurship project

social entrepreneurship project

Meet Charles, Nathan, Darren, Daniel and Sidy, five members of the Global Entrepreneurship Program class of 2014/2015 that are currently embarking on an inspirational social entrepreneurship project – the Foreign Big Brothers. The heart of the project in their words is: “5 guys coming from 5 different countries around the world gathering together for one common goal: to narrow the gap in education around the world.”

During their second semester studying at Zhejiang University in China, the team travelled to rural parts of China to understand the current education issues and are committed to raising awareness of solutions to the inequalities of education across the world.

The Big Brothers concept was initially conceived as part of the European Business Project whilst studying at EMLYON Business School in France. The startup project in the first semester supports entrepreneurship students to launch a new business concept with support from the EMLYON Incubator – the oldest and largest Incubator in France. We caught up with the team to find out how the social entrepreneurship project is developing whilst they are studying in China.

Watch the Big Brothers team explain their social entrepreneurship project…

Hear the Big Brothers team explain their social entrepreneurship project…

Big Brothers started in France – how have you continued to develop the social entrepreneurship project during your semester at Zhejiang University?

Darren: “The Big Brothers, Charles, Nathan, Darren, Daniel and Sidy united and worked together with the help of the EMLYON Incubator to define our project concept. At the end of the semester in Lyon, we had a business plan ready to roll out in China. Upon arrival, we came together and decided to continue this project in our own time. We communicated our project to some local contacts Daniel had in Hangzhou and also presented our goals to some professors at Zhejiang University who were really helpful at connecting us to people who could help us keep the project moving forward.”

What challenges have you come across so far when developing the Big Brothers project?

Nathan: “During the Big Brothers project, we hit many potholes along the way but continued to drive the project forward. Naturally, completing the project was not easy, but with such a culturally diverse and well-experienced team, there was almost nothing that we couldn’t overcome. We are adaptable, resilient and determined to finish what we started.”

What is the next stage of the Big Brothers social entrepreneurship project?  

Charles: “Right now, we are preparing to leave China and move to the US for the final part of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. We are also eagerly anticipating the release of video footage of the school transformation. After this, who knows where the Big Brothers can go….Time will tell!!

Please share our projects with as many people as possible: the more people that become aware of our project, the more impact in can have in our society. Thank you!”

We’ll be keeping track of how the Big Brothers social entrepreneurship project develops. Re-visit the blog for the second Foreign Big Brothers video – coming soon!



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