The Program



The Global Entrepreneurship Program is  run jointly by emlyon business school (Europe) and Zhejiang University (Asia) in collaboration with Pace University (USA), who together form a partnership of international business schools recognized as experts in Global Entrepreneurship. This program meant for people who are eager to look beyond the scope of existing things, detect new opportunities, see what others don’t see and find innovative solutions where no one else will think to look.

A program for the next generation of entrepreneurs

The aim of this program is to educate the next generation of international entrepreneurs and help you gain the necessary skill set that will eventually allow you to create tangible value, turn your ideas into global achievements and overall set yourself apart in a highly competitive economy.

During this program, entirely taught in English, you will master what it takes to become an effective global business leader on three different continents whether you aim to launch your own venture, take over the family business, or do business development in existing companies.

An entrepreneurial and global learning experience

International learning methods

Throughout the program, you will explore four areas of interest in particular, including Entrepreneurial Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Family Business and Social Entrepreneurship. You will master the different phases an entrepreneur has to go through when setting up a project: launch, development, harvest, growth and expansion.

Hands-on experience with Business Projects in all three countries

Combining academic knowledge with practical real-life business challenges, you will work on a consulting project in each location for a local company with students from all over the world, helping you apply the skills gained and providing you with first-hand experience of turning an idea into tangible value.

A global experience in France, China and the United States

By studying, living, and working in France, China and the United States, with students from around the globe, you will improve your ability to work with and lead international teams, enhance your leadership skills with stakeholders from international business environments, and build both your professional and personal global network.