Launch Your Ideas Successfully

At EMLYON Business School in France, you will explore and develop a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial process as it applies to launching your ideas and business projects successfully. A mixture of case studies, lectures, coaching sessions, and cultural events ensure a rigorous and complete learning experience, alternating theoretical and practical aspects.

Launching a company

Right from the start of the program, you will develop knowledge about the early phases of the entrepreneurial process by analyzing how entrepreneurship evolves in both European and international markets. In addition, you will learn how to identify and successfully exploit an entrepreneurial opportunity, while being continuously immersed in the real-life situations you are likely to face as a manager in a global economy.

Your learning experience in Europe will focus on aspects such as building and managing a team within a global context, providing you with a structure within which you can apply entrepreneurial concepts. You will also have the opportunity to study the challenges of building and managing a lasting, successful company from the point of view of a global entrepreneur.

The practical experience you will acquire from working on various negotiation opportunities, within different teams hailing from various cultures, will help get you ready for the second step of the program.


Idea Accelerator: Business Project in Europe

There is nothing more tangible to help you learn how to navigate different business and cultural environments sucessfully than gaining first-hand experience on how companies operate within a specific context. In all three locations, you will therefore participate in a business project for a local sponsor company, which is a great way to develop skills that are essential to your future success as a global entrepreneur, and build your professional network.

As your time in Lyon focuses on the skills required to successfully launch a company, you will engage in a business project that works primarily with start-up organizations. Topics often include foreign market entry strategy, opportunity assessment and business planning, competitive/market intelligence, distribution strategy and product/service innovation.

We supported a start-up built by two EMLYON graduates. They were in the food industry and they supplied food for vending machines so they targeted universities and we supported them in their business plan for expansion.

Sylvain Brochard, Program Graduate, Director Asia-Pacific at Alcimed (London, UK)


Your time at EMLYON Business School

EMLYON’s European Campus provides you with the perfect environment for learning the essentials of launching a company.

The school is devoted to lifelong learning for entrepreneurial and international management. Furthermore EMLYON Business School’s entrepreneurship incubator can lay claim to being the largest incubator in France, having supported the launch of 1,200 new ventures, which have collectively generated some 20,000 jobs.

Students are trained by an internationally renowned faculty consisting of over 100 members, 50% of which are non-French. The student body consists of 2,800 students representing more than 80 different nationalities.