Success Story: Sylvain Brochard, Managing Director EMEA and true ‘intrapreneur’!

Sylvain Brochard
Meet Sylvain Brochard, Managing Director EMEA and graduate of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. Hear how the program taught Sylvain to use his entrepreneurship skills be an ‘intrapreneur’: an innovator within an established organisation.

After graduating from the program, Sylvain Brochard moved to London where he started working for Alcimed as Business Development Manager in charge of the expansion of the company in the UK. In January 2014, Sylvain was asked by his company to move to Singapore in order to develop the Asia Pacific region. Of his role as an ‘intrapreneur’; creating change and innovation within his organisation, he says:

I could have never pictured myself working for a consulting company 5 years ago because this was the complete opposite of what I thought would be entrepreneurial. However an opportunity arose and I seized it. Today, I can’t think of any other work at a corporation that could be more entrepreneurial than what my team and myself do.”

Sylvain Brochard’s advice for future Global Entrepreneurship Program students includes doing something you love, surrounding yourself with bright people who can help you, and “dream big, and then dream even bigger. This is what will make you wake up in the morning.

Business Development is one of the core study areas of the program and Sylvain Brochard is the perfect illustration of how graduates apply the tools and skills learned in class and developed their own entrepreneurial mindset and projects.

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