Global Entrepreneurship Program students make prize-winning diversity video


4 recent graduates of the Global Entrepreneurship Program won the #DiversePeopleUnite campaign celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of freedom whilst studying at Purdue University in the US. Sponsored by South African Airways and Trevolta, #DiversePeopleUnite asked teams of 4 people around the world to submit a 1 minute video of what Freedom means to them. For Jinny, Helga, Fanny and Uzma of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, freedom means “The power to create, to change, to succeed, to inspire and the ability to make anything possible!”

As wise entrepreneurs, the team studied the competition before creating their winning video. “Barely any of the videos had diversity,”  Uzma says, so the team focused on showcasing unity and diversity. The judges said of the winners: “This video perfectly encapsulates what #DiversePeopleUnite is all about. Our winning team is energetic, inspiring, diverse, and also, they know how to dance!” The team won an all-expenses paid, week-long trip to South Africa, which they took upon graduating the Global Entrepreneurship Program with a double degree from EMLYON Business School and Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management this summer.

From all corners of the globe, Jinny Oh is a Korean-born Canadian citizen living in North Carolina, Helga Quijano is from Colombia, Fanny Aizier is from France and Uzma Azami was born and raised in Dubai, but calls India home. As travel lovers, the aspiring entrepreneurs met as students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program where they studied entrepreneurship at EMLYON Business School in France, Zhejiang University in China and Purdue University in the US. They have also completed a consulting project in each continent as well as built a global network, preparing them for their international careers in today’s global society.

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“Global-Eyes” Jinny, Helga, Fanny and Uzma during their trip to South Africa

Uzma, Jinny, Helga and Fanny at Lion’s Head, Cape Town



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