Global Entrepreneurship Program: welcome to the new intake!

The new Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort first met on the morning of Friday September 2nd during the Opening Ceremony of the program which took place at emlyon business school Lyon-Ecully campus.

After a welcome speech given by Program Director Rickie Moore and different presentations, students attended an orientation seminar during the weekend. This seminar allowed global entrepreneurshipthem to do different team building activities as well as Yoga and Theater Improvisation. On Monday September 5th, the whole cohort gathered once again for an academic presentation during which Rickie Moore gave more details on the academic curriculum of the course. M. Moore also asked the students to introduce themselves and their aspirations. While their career ambitions span a large panel of ideas, the students all share the same objective: build up their entrepreneurial skills on three different continents, share their thoughts with classmates who have the same passion for entrepreneurship and create a global network.

An international cohort of global entrepreneurs

global entrepreneurship

Like every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Program welcomes students from many different countries, backgrounds and cultures. For example this year’s cohort is comprised of students from Bolivia, Burkina Faso,China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Russia, Slovenia and Thailand. Also, this international cohort comes from a wide variety of academic backgrounds: Marketing, Human Resources, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Studies, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Hospitality Management, Economics, Accounting, Public Relations, Sales, Philosophy, Logistics, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.


We wish the new Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort good luck for their future endeavors!