The top 5 websites that aspiring entrepreneurs should read

entrepreneurship websites

With technology changing at a rapid pace and new opportunities for innovation appearing on a global scale, it is essential to have your finger on the pulse. However, every day we are bombarded with information as we seek to understand the world around us. To make it easier, we’ve put together a shortlist of the top 5 entrepreneurship websites that every aspiring entrepreneur should be reading.

1: Forbes

Forbes is the number 1 resource for information on entrepreneurship, with heaps of news about financing, management, capital, start-ups, law and taxation, sales and marketing and more. It keeps you right up to date with the latest technological, political, legal and social news relating to entrepreneurship and contains many inspirational examples of entrepreneurs worldwide. Plus it features guest posts contributed by 142 successful entrepreneurs.

2: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a must read resource packed full of inspiring entrepreneur success stories and helpful advice on all aspects of launching and running your own business. The site features many list style blogs which are easy to digest, such as ‘7 things confident entrepreneurs never do’  and  ‘the 3 lists every entrepreneur must make.’ The website also features information on industry trends and new technology, so you will always be up to date.

3: Mind Tools

If you haven’t come across Mind Tools yet, you’re missing a trick. The website is packed with thousands of articles covering essential skills such as leadership, team management, strategy, stress management, communication skills and creativity. There’s an excellent monthly newsletter that sends you the latest resources and there’s advice for everyone, regardless of your stage of career. It’s a great way to continue to work on your personal skills and knowledge in bite sized chunks whilst you’re busy developing your start-up or learning a new industry.

4 Ted Talks

TED Talks aim to spread ideas through a short, powerful talk in under 18 minutes. Launched in 1984, there are now almost 2,000 Ted Talks available on a range of topics covering entertainment, science, business, entrepreneurship, design, innovation and more, so you will not fail to be enthused and learn something new. Plus, from an entrepreneurship perspective, you can also see what it takes to make a killer presentation and sell your message to an audience; a key skill you will need when launching a new startup or working for an organisation.

At EMLYON’s TEDxEMLYON hosted event in 2013, Pablo Martin de Holan, Program Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Program gave a talk entitled “Managing Organisational Forgetting”.  Watch it here

5. Tech Crunch

With many new start-ups creating their fortunes through the latest app or mobile game, it’s essential to be up to scratch with the latest and greatest new technology. Tech Crunch is the leading technology hub with everything you need to know about new technology start-ups, online innovations and breaking tech news.

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