Entrepreneurship Scholarships: Funding your Entrepreneurship Graduate Program

entrepreneurship scholarships

When setting out into the risky world of entrepreneurship, being prepared for what the world of startups, investors, crowdfunding and technology will throw at you could be the difference between entrepreneurial success or failure. A masters in entrepreneurship is a great way to prepare yourself. However the question still remains for many talented applicants of how to pay for a degree in entrepreneurship. Aside from the upfront investment of tuition fees, applicants must also factor in accommodation, travel and living costs. Financial concerns shouldn’t prevent high potential and motivated candidates from pursuing a world class Global Entrepreneurship Program. To help you fund your degree in entrepreneurship, check out our round-up of the entrepreneurship scholarships available to you.

EMLYON Guaranteed Entrepreneurship Scholarships

entrepreneurship scholarshipsEMLYON Business School provides a full range of guaranteed scholarships to help qualifying students further their education. If a candidate of EMLYON’s entrepreneurship program falls under one of the categories, the program scholarship will be automatically awarded. Entrepreneurship scholarships cannot be accumulated, but if several categories are applicable to the individual’s situation, they will be granted the highest percentage.

EMLYON Guaranteed Entrepreneurship Scholarships include:

  • Excellence Scholarship: a 60% reduction in tuition fees is offered to students who obtain a GMAT score of 700+ and a 30% reduction is given to students who obtain a 650-690 GMAT score
  • Diversity Scholarship: a 20% tuition fee waiver will be automatically awarded to the first admitted student of each nationality to enrol on the programme
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarships: a 20% tuition fee waiver will be awarded to students with entrepreneurial experience: either through launching a new venture or taking over a firm including a minimum of 3 employees with a duration of at least 2 years, or hold an official and permanent position within their family business for at least 2 years.
  • Premier Admissions Scholarship: a 20% tuition fee waiver for candidates who apply before the end of December

EMLYON Individual Entrepreneurship Scholarships

Reductions in tuition fees can be offered through needs-based scholarships and may, in certain cases, be granted in addition to a guaranteed scholarship. For more information on how to apply for Individual Scholarships, contact EMLYON’s International Recruitment Manager Viet Anh VU: vu@em-lyon.com 

Entrepreneurship Scholarships: Campus France

entrepreneurship scholarships

Campus France is the French national agency for the promotion of higher education and professional training in France. Along with providing information and support to international students interested in studying in France, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs provides a number of grants to international students.

There are a full range of scholarships available depending on your country of origin, with grants awarded through Major Programs and France’s embassies. For example, European students are eligible for a scholarship under the Erasmus Program to support study in France or another EU country, and the Erasmus Mundus program is open to non-Europeans.

Visit Campus Bourses website here to find out more about scholarships available in your country

Entrepreneurship Scholarships: The French Embassy

The French Embassy or the French cultural service may offer individual scholarships for students interested in pursuing their studies in France. Contact your local French Embassy for individual scholarships that are available.

More information can be found here: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

CROUS/CNOUS Social Criteria Grants

If you have limited resources, you may be eligible for scholarships based on social criteria to help you finance your studies in higher education under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research or the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Find out more on the CROUS Lyon website here or the CNOUS website here (in French)

Bank loans

You may obtain a bank loan through EMLYON’s financial partners (Crédit Lyonnais and Société Générale in Ecully, France) if you have a guarantee of a French resident. If you do not, we advise you to obtain a loan in your country of origin before your arrival.

The Global Entrepreneurship Program fast tracks your knowledge of best practice entrepreneurship, whilst at the same time preparing you for the decisions and opportunities you will come across when developing your future venture through its unique Action Learning pedagogy. You will study entrepreneurship at world leading institutions EMLYON Business School in France, Zhejiang University in China and Pace University in the US, developing your own startup projects as well as working with existing startups across three continents. Plus, the entrepreneurship graduate program provides a safe environment for you to experiment, innovate and learn from your mistakes; much less costly and risky than the real world of entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurship scholarships