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Tech in China is no longer about imitation but innovation

Tech in China is no longer about imitation but innovation

Once the laughing stock worldwide due to a tendency to copy technology, China is now pioneering new gadgets and consumer goods. For years China has been thought of as simply the factory of the world with the ubiquitous ‘made in China’ label omnipresent on all new technology. However, in recent years China has rocketed up

Feedback on “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship” course – by Lars H.

Lars H. is a current student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. While attending classes at Zhejiang University he took a course called “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship” taught my Mark Greeven, Associate Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurshipat Zhejiang University. See what Lars thought about this course: “In a previous article, I talked in depth about the course

Asian Entrepreneurs: shift from family business to new ventures

Many countries in Asia are amongst the fastest growing economies in the world, and Asian entrepreneurs are key in driving this growth. However, the idea of the entrepreneur is a fairly new concept across Asia.  According to Elizabeth Thomson of ICS Trust, as recently as the 1980s and 1990s when she was living and working

The Chinese Family Business in Transition

Family Business in China is undergoing a near-revolutionary transitory period. As more family business owners seek retirement, they look to other family members in order to create and implement a succession plan among the household. Unfortunately, up to 80 percent of Chinese households may be left without anyone to pass the family business on to.


Could you be a future intrapreneur for the likes of Google, Apple or Facebook?

See yourself driving new business innovation, launching your company into new global markets and leading change? Then you might be an intrapreneur in the making! What is an intrapreneur? An intrapreneur is an innovator that operates within an existing organisation, rather than directly creating their own company. The term “intrapreneur” was first coined by management

startup projects in China

Consult Startup Projects in China with the Global Entrepreneurship Program

As the business of the world moves from the West to the East, future global entrepreneurs will undoubtedly deal with Asian-based companies, either as suppliers or competitors, as well as sell their products and services to Chinese consumers. Learning how to master the dynamics of this region is therefore essential to your future success as

schools of entrepreneurship

The 5 most important questions to ask when choosing a school of entrepreneurship

Shakespeare told us that the course of true love never did run smooth. And the same could be said about entrepreneurial success. On a daily basis, entrepreneurs have to battle uncertain climates, bigger and established competitors, cash flows challenges and untrustworthy suppliers; issues that don’t just affect them, but their employees, investors and families too.

school of entrepreneurship

Become an entrepreneurial leader: study at three world-class schools of entrepreneurship

Considering different schools of entrepreneurship to complete your masters in entrepreneurship? Why not study at three? As a student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, a dedicated one-year entrepreneurship degree taught across 3 continents, you will study at three leading schools of entrepreneurship: EMLYON Business School in France, Zhejiang University in China and Pace University in