Global Entrepreneurship Program: Discover the Success Story of program graduate Tomas Froes

Global Entrepreneurship Program: Discover the Success Story of program graduate Tomas Froes

Discover the success story of Thomas Froes, who launch his startup kencko. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I studied Marketing Management at ISCEM, as an undergraduate in Portugal. Then I started working for Siemens, and pursued an MSc in Management at ISCTE Business School at the same time.. Can you tell us

Tech in China is no longer about imitation but innovation

Once the laughing stock worldwide due to a tendency to copy technology, China is now pioneering new gadgets and consumer goods. For years China has been thought of as simply the factory of the world with the ubiquitous ‘made in China’ label omnipresent on all new technology. However, in recent years China has rocketed up

Global Entrepreneurship Program: welcome to the new intake!

The new Global Entrepreneurship Program cohort first met on the morning of Friday September 2nd during the Opening Ceremony of the program which took place at emlyon business school Lyon-Ecully campus. After a welcome speech given by Program Director Rickie Moore and different presentations, students attended an orientation seminar during the weekend. This seminar allowed them to do

The success of entrepreneurship in the USA

According to Hiscox’s annual ‘DNA of an Entrepreneur’ report, which surveys small businesses in the UK, US, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, American businesses are leading the way with regards to growth in revenue, profits and customers. The success of entrepreneurship in the US is so important that the country is being rated the most entrepreneurial country

Feedback on “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship” course – by Lars H.

Lars H. is a current student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. While attending classes at Zhejiang University he took a course called “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship” taught my Mark Greeven, Associate Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurshipat Zhejiang University. See what Lars thought about this course: “In a previous article, I talked in depth about the course

Asian Entrepreneurs: shift from family business to new ventures

Many countries in Asia are amongst the fastest growing economies in the world, and Asian entrepreneurs are key in driving this growth. However, the idea of the entrepreneur is a fairly new concept across Asia.  According to Elizabeth Thomson of ICS Trust, as recently as the 1980s and 1990s when she was living and working

Global Entrepreneurship Program in New York!

Exciting news; the Global Entrepreneurship Program has recently announced a new collaboration with Pace University in New York City, USA! Students enrolled on the Global Entrepreneurship Program will benefit from living, working and studying across three continents and at three prestigious universities: emlyon business school in Lyon, France, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China and Pace University

NYC is a hotbed for business innovation

Whether it be food, fashion, fitness or finance, New York City continues to be at the center of new business innovation. With a long legacy of entrepreneurship, for many people the city embodies the American dream of prosperity and success. A major trend in recent years is the rise of the specialty food industry. With