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Engineers Flock To Business Schools To Launch Tech Start-Ups

Engineers Flock To Business Schools To Launch Tech Start-Ups

This article was written by Seb Murray of Business Because for EMLYON Business School. Before Bella Handojo became a business student, she was a food sciences undergrad and spent years researching and writing reports on the manufacturing of food stuffs at university. Now she is an entrepreneur, cooking up a venture that she hopes will

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Global Entrepreneurship Program graduate Fanny: “focus on making things happen in real life, not just on paper”

Having studied at three leading institutions for entrepreneurship, graduate Fanny Aizier knows the most important part of being an entrepreneur is action. Launching a new online concept store immediately after graduating from the Global Entrepreneurship Program in 2014, we caught up with Fanny to tell us more about what she did after graduating from the entrepreneurship program,

Launch Your Ideas Successfully

At EMLYON Business School in France, you will explore and develop a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial process as it applies to launching your ideas and business projects successfully. A mixture of case studies, lectures, coaching sessions, and cultural events ensure a rigorous and complete learning experience, alternating theoretical and practical aspects. Launching a company

Expand Your View On Global Entrepreneurship at Zhejiang University

At Zhejiang University‘s School of Management in Hangzhou, China, you will examine the entrepreneurial process as it ventures outside of the Western world. You will analyze opportunities and challenges in Asian countries and discover what international companies face in this region due to the cultural differences that reign in a global market. You will learn

Developing a company and shaping your future

Your time at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management focuses on developing a company. Here you expand on the wide range of necessary entrepreneurial skills essential to building a business in both national and global settings. During your time in China, you will develop a deep understanding of the basic concepts and challenges of business

Presenting the Class of 2013-2014

Class of 2013-2014: the Official Opening Ceremony of the Global Entrepreneurship Program took place at the beginning of September 2013 on EMLYON’s European Campus, marking the start of the students’ journey in the program. The Global Entrepreneurship Program welcomes international students from many different backgrounds and professional horizons who all share the same objective: build up their entrepreneurial