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From startup to grown up: VCs can help grow your business

From startup to grown up: VCs can help grow your business

The definition of what constitutes a startup can change according to every person you ask. Some people cite the dictionary’s simple “a fledgling business”, others claim that the term refers to a new business (particularly tech) with the potential for rapid growth. It’s also been said that “Startup is a state of mind” and involves

Taking your startup global: how the Global Entrepreneurship Program prepares you

Launching a business globally is often the end goal for many entrepreneurs, but it can be a tricky transition if startups aren’t well prepared. While launching (or wanting to launch) a start-up is not requirement to be part of the Global Entrepreneurship Program (other career opportunities can include taking over a family business or pursuing

Meet Liliana, student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program!

Tell us a bit about your background. I’m from a small city in the Colombian Andes, where I grew up, and where I currently manage my agriculture startup: an organic blueberry plantation. Before deciding to focus entirely on entrepreneurship, I worked in Colombia´s largest financial institution for seven years, and I gained client relationship skills

Starting classes at Pace University in New York City!

Starting classes at Pace University in New York City! After attending their first and second semester respectively in France and China, students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program are now in the United States where they recently started their last semester of classes over at Pace University, located downtown Manhattan in New York City! To kick-start

Will learning to code make you a better entrepreneur?

Over two decades ago, Steve Jobs proclaimed “everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” Many coders credit learning to code with shaping their thought processes, as well as improving their communication skills. And, of course, it will aid any entrepreneurs in the technological side of their business.

Global Entrepreneurship Program: Discover the Success Story of program graduate Tomas Froes

Discover the success story of Thomas Froes, who launch his startup kencko. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I studied Marketing Management at ISCEM, as an undergraduate in Portugal. Then I started working for Siemens, and pursued an MSc in Management at ISCTE Business School at the same time.. Can you tell us

Meet Frederic : student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program

Frederic did a Masters degree in accounting and audit before joining the Global Entrepreneurship Program What has been your favorite course in the Global Entrepreneurship Program so far and why? My favorite course has been ‘New Venture Creation’. It has been a very practical class with an emphasis on the necessary tools you need to

family business

Develop your family business: study entrepreneurship in France, China & US

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis Family business dominates the economic landscape around the world. In the US, family business accounts for 64% of GDP and employ 62% of the total workforce. In Europe this is even higher and family business significantly contributes to the economic growth of South and East Asia, Latin America, and Africa’s economy