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Will learning to code make you a better entrepreneur?

Will learning to code make you a better entrepreneur?

Over two decades ago, Steve Jobs proclaimed “everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” Many coders credit learning to code with shaping their thought processes, as well as improving their communication skills. And, of course, it will aid any entrepreneurs in the technological side of their business.

Inspire the next generation: Chinese eco-tour for Global Entrepreneurship Program students

Learning about eco-tourism in China with program graduate In March 2017, 18 students from the Global Entrepreneurship Program descended upon a small village located 40 minutes outside of Hangzhou city center. This diverse group was looking for a different experience to learn more about local culture, environmental protection and sustainable business model ideas to support

Global Entrepreneurship Program: Discover the Success Story of program graduate Tomas Froes

Discover the success story of Thomas Froes, who launch his startup kencko. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I studied Marketing Management at ISCEM, as an undergraduate in Portugal. Then I started working for Siemens, and pursued an MSc in Management at ISCTE Business School at the same time.. Can you tell us

Innovation and the growing ecosystem of social entrepreneurship

As we’ve noted before, a recent boom in social entrepreneurship is taking place around the world. The reason? Alain Fayolle, professor of Entrepreneurship at emlyon business school, explains “the current financial crisis and its global consequences have increased the need to position social questions at the heart of the global economy.” Sanjeev Rao, expert at

Young female entrepreneurs: on the rise around the world

As Gayle Tzemach Lemmon points out in her Tedx talk ‘women entrepreneurs: example not exception’, the idea of entrepreneurship is often automatically correlated with men. However, this traditional view underestimates the current state of affairs, as young female entrepreneurs are on the rise across the world. According to the European Commission, around 30% of all

Meet Frederic : student of the Global Entrepreneurship Program

Frederic did a Masters degree in accounting and audit before joining the Global Entrepreneurship Program What has been your favorite course in the Global Entrepreneurship Program so far and why? My favorite course has been ‘New Venture Creation’. It has been a very practical class with an emphasis on the necessary tools you need to

Tech in China is no longer about imitation but innovation

Once the laughing stock worldwide due to a tendency to copy technology, China is now pioneering new gadgets and consumer goods. For years China has been thought of as simply the factory of the world with the ubiquitous ‘made in China’ label omnipresent on all new technology. However, in recent years China has rocketed up

French Tech: flying the flag for France across the globe

France is leading the pack when it comes to tech startups. Globally recognized as a world leader in terms of innovative new technology, France is proving that the ‘French touch’ is a huge advantage when it comes to starting a tech-focused company. Discover what French Tech is all about! French companies dominated Deloitte’s 2016 Technology